The digital face of your company

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The digital face of your company

Website Development

Your website is arguably the most important tool to help your clients find you. In today’s market, nearly every consumer begins the search for a product or service online (usually through a search engine). Without a competitive, enticing website you’re missing out on these customers!

First impressions are important and for a lot of consumers your website will be the first interaction they have with you. A quick and responsive website, structured in an intuitive and easy to use layout gives your customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.


Bringing the clients to you

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing allows are advertisements to only be shown to people we choose based on location, demographics, and purchasing history.


Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures your website is relevant and appears in search engine results through backlinking, keywords, and backend tags. We utilize Google Adwords to run our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, so your ads are only shown to those interested in your product or service.

Email Blasts

When executed correctly, email blasts have been shown to be the most cost effective advertisement strategy. We carefully craft our email campaigns so they can bypass spam filters and entice your clients to make a purchase!

Traditional Marketing

Aside from digital marketing, we are also well-versed in more traditional marketing methods. We can create television, radio, and print ads at surprisingly affordable rates. For instance, 30 seconds of airtime on a basic cable channel starts as low as $250


Creating a brand people remember

Creating a brand people remember

Photography & Graphic Design

ECharge Marketing offers professional product, event, and commercial photography. We use professional lighting and backdrops in our studio to make your product look perfect!

We also provide graphic design services to create the perfect logo or advertisement. We create branding that will represent your company and entice your customers to come back!